Covid-19 risk prevention

Unwind in times of Corona. Here we show our hygiene concept.

Massage expert in a mask
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The safety of our customers and our experts before, during and after the treatment is our top priority. We are therefore countering the new normal in times of Covid-19 with extensive preventive measures, in which the SARS-COV-2-Arbeitsschutzstandard is implemented and adhered to. So it is possible for us to continue to offer you first-class moments of relaxation in the comfort of your home and soon also at our Soulhouse location.

What protective measures can customers and experts expect from Soulhouse?

Test obligation for employees and independent service providers

The Berlin Senate decided to introduce the 2G obligation for personal care services with effect from November 15th. The following applies under the 2G condition: Personnel who have customer contact must be vaccinated, recovered or tested a maximum of 24 hours beforehand. These regulations are implemented by us and adhered to by our experts. More infos to be found here.

The Immunization from both customers and staff can be proven by:

  1. Proof of a full vaccination against COVID-19 that was completed at least 14 days ago, i.e. through the entry in the (digital) vaccination pass,
  2. proof of a positive test result (PCR, PoC-PCR or other methods of nucleic acid amplification technology) that was at least 28 days and a maximum of 6 months , or
  3. evidence of a previous positive test result together with evidence of at least 14 days administration of at least one vaccine dose against COVID-19.

Note that treatments can only be carried out if confirmation of immunization is presented. Our experts are obliged to have this evidence presented by customers. In the absence of evidence, the treatment will not be carried out and the treatment price will not be reimbursed.

The Hamburg Senate stipulates that all persons present at the service must wear a medical mask . A daily corona test is mandatory and must be proven in writing. Fully vaccinated and convalescent people do not need to undertake a test or show a negative test result.

In exceptional cases, the mask may be temporarily removed if this is necessary to carry out or use the service, such as for medically necessary cosmetic treatments.

Please note: Body contact services can now submit a 2G option.

Use of personal protective equipment (PPE)

Experts are required to wear a medical mask during service. Experts will show up with their own PPE for treatments, including an FFP2 mask and disinfectant.

Cleaning of work equipment

The experts appear in a mask for the appointment. The experts wash and disinfect their hands before setting up the massage table. All products and work equipment are wiped off and disinfected on site using suitable hygiene techniques before the treatment begins. Disposable sheets are used exclusively.

The experts wash and disinfect their hands after each treatment. After the treatment, all products and work equipment are wiped off and disinfected on site using suitable hygiene techniques. The experts collect and take their rubbish with them. The experts are requested to record compliance with the occupational health and safety measures and to transmit them to Soulhouse after each day of work.

Generally speaking, experts and customers have to take care of themselves and keep an eye on their state of health. Experts are asked to measure their temperature daily, they are asked to contact us immediately if they show symptoms of the disease. We expressly ask customers to refrain from treatment if they feel ill, belong to a risk group or are exposed to the virus in any other form. Our booking system enables us to see all information about the booking and to track contacts in the event of an infection.