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Are you looking for a permanent full-time or part-time position? Awesome! Leave us your name, your email, your WhatsApp number and your zip code, we will send you all the information and get in touch with you in short time. You can also get started with us as a freelancer, get in contact with us now!

    Become a Soulhouse expert


    Make our community to your community

    We help you expand your customer base and generate more sales. All you need is a cell phone to monitor your bookings. We’ll do the rest.

    Leave us your name, WhatsApp number and zip code now for more information. We will contact you immediately.

    This is what we offer you

    As an employee

    • Permanent position – We have exciting job offers for permanent positions. In the mobile sector, you will receive a company car from us

    As a freelancer

    • More customers – Customers can send you booking requests directly
    • No costs – Using the Soulhouse platform is free of charge for you
    • Personal support – you can reach us all day long during your deployment
    • Professional profile – We will create your individual deluxe profile for you quickly
    • Payout – Receive your earnings every 14 days via a secure payment system
    • Lots of flexibility – create your own appointment calendar with your availability
    • Convenient working – you will receive all booking details in advance

    No effort – we take care of payment processing, customer acquisition, marketing, etc.

    Soulhouse Expertin
    Soulhouse Massage in den eigenen vier Wänden für pure Entspannung

    Earn up to €2000 extra per month!

    With just four days of work with four treatments per week as a freelancer. Become a Soulhouse expert. Receive all information via WhatsApp now.

    Become part of the community!

    Are you an expert in one or more of the following areas? Great, then Soulhouse is the right place for you:

    Soulhouse Anwendungen
    Soulhouse Location

    Use our locations

    Also offer your massage service in our Soulhouse, the new massage boutique in Hamburg and Berlin (coming soon). Exclusive ambience, stylish design and natural materials make our Soulhouse the perfect location to treat customers.

    Soulhouse Expertin
    Soulhouse at Home

    Become part of the Soulhouse community!

    Receive all information via WhatsApp now.