Anamnesis (also called: Medical history or Medial background check) refers to the process by which a doctor or therapist collects information about a person’s medical history, symptoms and current health status to make a diagnosis and plan treatment.

The anamnesis usually includes questions about current symptoms, previous illnesses, medications, allergies, family history, lifestyle and social factors. The doctor or therapist may also perform physical exams to gather more information.

The anamnesis is an important part of the diagnosis and treatment of patients or customers as it helps doctors but also our massage therapists to gain a comprehensive understanding of the patient’s/customer’s health condition and to select the right treatment method. It is important that the patient/client speaks openly and honestly about their health and symptoms to allow for an accurate medical history. Before your Soulhouse massage, you should share your symptoms with our therapists as part of your anamnesis so that they can carry out a completely individual treatment tailored to you.