Autogenic training

Autogenic training (AT) is a method of relaxation and self-regulation based on the control of body functions such as breathing, heart rate and muscle relaxation. Developed in the 1920s by German physician Johannes Heinrich Schultz, it is a form of progressive muscle relaxation.

Autogenic training consists of a series of standardized relaxation exercises supported by repeated suggestions and imagination. These exercises are performed in a quiet environment with the participant sitting on a comfortable chair or mat and closing their eyes.

The technique of autogenic training involves repeating certain sentences or affirmations such as “my arms are heavy” or “my heart beats calmly and evenly” while at the same time practicing relaxed breathing.

Autogenic training can help reduce stress, reduce anxiety, improve sleep disorders and increase overall resilience. However, it is important to note that it takes time to learn and that it is not the right method for improving symptoms for everyone.