Electrotherapy is a medical treatment that uses electric current to relieve pain, reduce muscle spasms, increase muscle strength, improve blood circulation and promote healing.

There are different types of electrotherapy including:

TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation): This method uses electrical impulses transmitted to the skin via electrodes to relieve pain.
EMS (Electromyostimulation): This method uses electrical impulses to increase muscle contractions and strengthen muscles.
Iontophoresis: This involves transporting electrically charged substances through the skin into the body to relieve inflammation and pain.
Ultrasound therapy: This method uses high-frequency sound to improve blood circulation and promote healing of injured tissue.
Electrotherapy is often used in rehabilitation after injuries and operations, but also for chronic pain and other diseases such as multiple sclerosis or Parkinson’s. However, it is important to note that electrotherapy is not suitable for everyone, especially people with heart problems or implanted medical devices such as pacemakers. It is always advisable to consult a qualified doctor or therapist before opting for electrotherapy.