Energetic massage

Energetic massage is a form of massage that aims to improve the client’s physical, emotional and spiritual well-being by utilizing the body’s natural energy. This massage technique is based on the idea that our bodies are permeated by energy centers known as chakras, and that blockages or imbalances in these centers can cause physical or emotional discomfort.

Energetic massage can combine various techniques such as stroking, pressure point massage, gentle touch and stretching to get the energy in the body flowing again and release blockages. The masseur or masseuse may also use breathing and visualization techniques to promote the client’s relaxation and well-being.

During the energetic massage, the masseur’s hands are placed on or around the client’s body to stimulate the energy centers and meridians. The massage can also be combined with aromatherapy oils or music to promote relaxation and deepen the experience.

Energetic massage is often viewed as a holistic therapy and can be used for a variety of complaints, such as stress, anxiety, insomnia, fatigue or muscle tension. However, it is important to choose a qualified and experienced therapist to ensure that the massage is performed safely and effectively. We will be soon overing energetic massages at our locations. Stay tuned for more information.