Movement therapy

Movement therapy is a form of therapy that deals with the use of exercise and sport to treat physical and psychological complaints and illnesses. It includes a variety of techniques and methods that aim to improve physical and mental health through targeted exercise and sport.

Exercise therapy can be used both preventively and rehabilitatively. In the preventive area, it can help reduce the risk of injuries and illnesses and improve physical and mental fitness. In the rehabilitative area, it can help to restore physical functionality after injuries or illnesses.

There are different types of movement therapy, such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, sports therapy, dance movement therapy and body psychotherapy. Each type has its specific benefits and can be applied depending on individual needs and goals. Exercise therapy should be performed by a qualified therapist who is familiar with the anatomical and physiological aspects of exercise.

It is important to note that exercise therapy is not suitable for all individuals and it is always recommended to consult a doctor or qualified therapist beforehand.