A professional massage typically occurs without underwear, but it is always performed under a towel or sheet to protect your privacy. If you feel uncomfortable, you are welcome to keep your underwear on or discuss alternative options with the therapist.

The term can be found in various cultures, for example in Arabic (massah = rub), Greek (massein = knead) or Hebrew (massa = touch). Generally speaking, massage describes the systematic and mechanical action on the skin. The connective tissue, lymph and musculature are worked on. The effect extends to parts or the entire human body, which is stimulated by tapping, kneading, rolling, rubbing and stroking. Pressure and stretching stimuli have an effect into the deep tissue.

The special thing about massage treatment is that it works with the body’s life energy, the Qi. For this purpose, the energy pathways of the body, the meridians, are touched with various grip techniques and the undisturbed flow of life energy is promoted. A harmonious circulation of life energy reduces illnesses, injuries and imbalances and provides an all-round feeling of well-being and relaxation. Blockades are dissolved through the massage, resulting in a feeling of complete release.

Basically, you should ask yourself in advance whether you would like to treat yourself to a classic relaxation programme or whether you are suffering from acute pain that requires medical-therapeutic treatment. We do not currently offer medical treatments prescribed by a doctor at Soulhouse. At Soulhouse we focus on wellness massages that draw on the wisdom of the East and integrate the knowledge of the West. We deliver innovative treatments that combine the best of different cultures. Discover our first-class massages and learn more about the different key applications here.


While you can just lie and really relax during the massage, a lot is happening in your body at the same time. The expert’s warming hands, the organic oil, the pressure and stretching stimuli all have an effect on the receptors in the muscles. The muscles give way, metabolic processes are set in motion and thus hyperacidity and hardening are minimised. Hormonally conditioned you feel a change in your state of mind, happiness and relaxation messengers are released and the release of stress hormones is prevented. This is why you are full of such a pleasant and relaxed feeling during the massage.

The ideal length of the massage varies from treatment to treatment. Our holistic well-being rituals such as the Thai massage and the Lomi Lomi massage are very extensive in practice, so it is best to choose 90-120 minutes. Our therapeutic treatments such as classical massage, sports massage, shiatsu, lymphatic drainage and foot reflexology have a deep relaxing and healing effect even after just 60 minutes.

Anyone who has ever undergone a massage ritual knows about the beneficial and healing power of this therapy. It is the ideal tool to bring body, mind and soul into harmony and to relieve everyday stress, tension and nervousness. It has been used as medicine for centuries and, depending on the type of treatment, has a multitude of benefits. Massages serve more than just relaxation. They promote blood circulation to muscles, relieve painful tension and hardening in the deep tissues, have an effect on the skin, tendons, connective tissue and lymphatic system as well as stimulate the metabolism.

All our experts have to go through an admission procedure where we check their certificates and test whether their skills meet our quality and safety standards. All experts have at least 3 years of professional experience and are fully insured.

The best way to show your appreciation for the work of our masseurs and therapists is to tip them. Our experts keep 100% of the money and are happy to receive this additional confirmation of your satisfaction from their service. You can decide yourself, how much the tip will be. The rule of thumb is 10% of the massage price.

Yes, of course. For mommies-to-be, we offer our pregnancy massage, which is specially tailored to the needs of pregnant women. Please note that we can only offer pregnancy massages from the fourth month of pregnancy until the eight month. If you are still in the first trimester of your pregnancy and still book a massage treatment, the expert will not be able to treat you. The price of the treatment will not be reimbursed. The expert will ask to see your maternity passport. 

If you have any concerns or questions, we recommend that you consult your gynaecologist about whether massage therapy is suitable for your pregnancy.