Gift a massage voucher

A Soulhouse massage voucher is the perfect gift for any occasion. Whether it’s for a birthday, Christmas, or any other event: Pamper your loved ones with a massage now!

  • Perfect last minute gift
  • Affordable luxury for friends and family
  • Available as download directly via Email
  • Available starting at 25,- EUR.

Massage Voucher: The perfect gift for any occasion

Starting at 25,- Euro, you can delight someone with this special gift. And the best part is, the recipient can choose their treatment and the expert themselves.

As a gift for example for:

  • Christmas
  • St. Nicholas Day
  • Birthday
  • Anniversary
  • Mother’s Day
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Just because…

PS: Our vouchers can be effortlessly purchased online and downloaded immediately!

Soulhouse Gutschein
Soulhouse Gutschein
Soulhouse Gutschein

What is special about a Soulhouse voucher?

With a Soulhouse massage voucher, a soothing experience for body and soul is just a few clicks away. What’s special is that the recipient can customize everything individually. The type and length of the massage, the preferred expert, and the appointment are all freely selectable. Additionally, there’s the choice between a mobile massage at home or one at the Soulhouse.

The process is also straightforward for you: you simply purchase the voucher online, receive it immediately by email, and can print or send it. That’s why our vouchers are also perfect last-minute gifts!

Tip: You can add a personal message to the voucher when ordering to make the gift even more personal.

For whom are the Soulhouse massage vouchers particularly suitable?

Receiving a massage always does wonders for both the body and soul, making a Soulhouse massage voucher a universal delight for everyone. Here are selected individuals for whom a massage voucher is always a great gift:

  1. Partners: A massage voucher for one’s own partner is always well received! Birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, or Christmas are very popular occasions. But it’s also a great surprise gift after a stressful work or life phase. As an apology, a massage voucher can help to ease tensions. And even without a special occasion, a massage voucher is a touching gesture.
  2. Family: Whether it’s Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or a name day – aside from the classics like birthdays and Christmas, there are many occasions to give a massage voucher to family members. Tip: Often, the massage voucher is also used as a special addition to other gifts, such as books or flowers.
  3. Friends: Small gifts keep the friendship going! Whether it’s a birthday, a move, a new job, a professional milestone, for recovery, or as a thank you for special help or support during difficult times – a massage voucher is always suitable. And if you want, gift a couple’s massage and turn it into a communal friendship event!
  4. Wedding Couples: A voucher for a couple’s massage is an ideal gift for wedding couples, as it offers joint relaxation and recuperation after the often stressful wedding preparations. It allows the couple a break to enjoy their togetherness, showing that you’ve thought about their well-being.
  5. Pregnant Women: During pregnancy, it is a soothing attention for the expectant mother. It provides relief from pregnancy ailments like back pain and promotes overall well-being. This gift shows consideration and appreciation by allowing the expectant mother to relax during this intense life phase and do something good for herself.
  6. Colleagues: A massage voucher for colleagues is an excellent gift for promotions, work anniversaries, or special achievements. It symbolizes appreciation for the commitment and success in the profession. This gift offers a well-deserved break and is an original sign of recognition.

How long are Soulhouse massage vouchers valid?

Massage vouchers from Soulhouse can be redeemed within 2 years. Exchanging the voucher for cash is not possible.

Tip: Sometimes, without any bad intentions, gift vouchers can end up sitting “in the corner” for a long time. It’s not uncommon for us to simply forget about an experience gift, and the deadline slowly but surely passes. It’s best to note down the deadline – and remind your loved ones after some time that a special experience awaits them. This ensures that the massage gift brings joy to the recipient as soon as possible and the voucher does not go unused.

Massage Voucher: How do I receive the gift?

Whether as a present for individuals or as a couple’s massage voucher for shared experiences: You can easily obtain a Soulhouse massage voucher to gift directly online. It is sent immediately after purchase via email.

How much does a massage voucher cost?

If you’re looking for a massage voucher, you’ll find that costs vary among different providers. There’s a good reason for this: The costs for the various offers depend on the type of massage and its duration. Another factor can also be the person offering the massage. Meaning: The qualification also contributes to the pricing. For the highest degree of flexibility, you can choose the voucher value yourself at Soulhouse.

Good to know: We offer you trained and certified staff who will visit you or the recipient in your own space. This can be at home or, for example, at work. In selected cities, there is also the possibility to enjoy a massage at our locations.

Massage voucher: How do I get the gift?

Whether it’s a couple’s massage voucher for shared experiences or a gift for an individual: Getting a massage voucher to give away is particularly straightforward and direct online today. Delivery is via email. You complete the payment process through our app or web application, allowing you to calmly look at the offers. Compare them with each other to find the right wellness gift to give away.

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