More than a massage studio

Our massage boutique (opening soon!) is your city get-away that will refuel you in the midst of the hectic hustle and bustle of the capital. We are convinced that nature is the most valuable source of relaxation, which is why it plays the most important role in the design of our Soulhouse location. Here you will find it in the use of raw materials such as driftwood, healing stones, hides, exposed walls and our own natural organic wellness products.

  • Soulhouse Berlin, coming soon!
  • Monday – Sunday, 10 a.m. – 10 p.m.
Soulhouse Location in Berlin


Massage anywhere: unwind whereve you are

A massage is beneficial and can significantly increase your well-being. Because the treatments are wonderfully suitable for relaxation, contribute to recovery and help to leave everyday life behind. Unfortunately, many people barely have the time to go to a spa or studio for massages.

Searching for a parking space, waiting times and having to go back to city traffic while still being deeply relaxed – that can unfortunately have a negative impact on the effect of the relaxing treatment in a studio. We have a solution for this problem that can be practiced even in times of Corona. We offer you the highest quality and mobile services. Whether you want to enjoy a traditional massage or Thai massage at home or in the office – you can conveniently make an appointment with the therapists you have selected via the app.

You will soon be able to enjoy these advantages in your area, because Soulhouse will soon be found not only in Hamburg and Berlin, but also in other large cities.

The benefits of massages for body and mind

Our everyday life is fast-paced, exhausting and stressful. Back pain caused by tension is therefore anything but rare. Especially if you sit a lot during the day or have to stand for a long time and on top might have emotional trouble, real knots can form in the muscles. In addition, there are bad postures that cause further pain.

So a vicious circle starts that does not affect the body alone. The mind and mood also suffer. This in turn leads to more stress, reduced well-being and reduced work performance. Therefore, you should regularly treat yourself to treatments that help you cope with stress. In this way you are doing something for yourself, you can unwind more easily and even sleep better.

Soulhouse will transform your own home or your workspace into a spa for a short time for you to destress deeply and recharge your batteries.

Massages in the office

Back pain is one of the most common reasons for sick days. Sitting or standing for long periods of time, awkward furniture and tension due to stress are widespread. There is also no time for massages in the studio or in the spa, especially in jobs with high time pressure. Although this regular break would be good for both, body and mind.

With Soulhouse you can experience treatments directly at your workspace. This turns your lunch break into a visit to the spa – just without the annoying journey. This is ideal not only for employees, but also for employers as an incentive.

Because if the employees feel comfortable in the workplace, conflicts are resolved more easily, satisfaction increases and fluctuation decreases. These are decisive pluses, especially when there are few skilled personnel. Offering massages directly in the office can also increase effectiveness and even reduce the rate of sick days. So there are many good reasons to at least consider this service.

How does Soulhouse work?

Very simple: You can choose to come to the Soulhouse location (coming soon!) or order the selected therapist to come to your home or office. This works without any problems via the easy and quick-to-use app or the web application.

In addition, you can choose the respective therapist. We only work with certified therapists who are competent and can offer various massage techniques. In this way, you have complete freedom of choice and can optimally adapt the treatments to your needs and preferences.

Not all massages are the same

There are significant differences between the various treatment techniques. A traditional variant is comparatively gentle and therefore ideally suited for you if you haven’t had too many treatments or are sensitive.

In addition, there are numerous other methods. For example:

With lymphatic drainage, the lymphatic channels are specifically stimulated to decongest the lymph vessels and stimulate the flow. This is supposed to increase the well-being and overall improve the blood circulation and thus also the supply.

Thai massages are designed to improve blood circulation and stimulate lymph flow. For this purpose, special points, where energy is concentrated, are massaged. There are many different styles and variations. These include more gentle forms, but also movements that appear comparatively brutal and are therefore not necessarily suitable for people who are receiving a massage for the first time. Therefore, discuss in advance with your therapist exactly how strong the pressure should be and let him or her know during the treatment if something is too intense or uncomfortable for another reason.

With Deep Tissue massages, adhesions between the skin and subcutaneous tissue are loosened. That helps to stimulate the blood circulation, relieves tension and even has a positive effect on internal organs. The pelvis, hips and back are mainly treated.

Shiatsu is a somewhat unusual type of massage. Because here not only the hands, but the entire body weight of the therapist is used. The aim is to restore the body’s equilibrium. In addition, the treatment has a positive effect on general well-being.

Lomi Lomi massages in the studio, at home or in the office can have a positive effect on the body and mind. It ensures relaxation and more mobility, increases flexibility and activates muscle connections.

Reflexology works with the fact that there are reflex zones on the feet. These are said to be connected to certain organs and nervous systems and therefore can have a positive effect on them. Deeper relaxation, improved sleep and a regulating influence on digestion are just a few of the benefits that this treatment offers.

Prices for mobile treatments by Soulhouse

Thanks to fair prices both in the studio in Berlin and Hamburg (coming soon!) and soon in other cities as well as for the Thai or traditional massage in mobile use, our treatments are rituals that you can easily integrate into everyday life.

The prices differ from therapist to therapist and also depend on the type of massage. A traditional treatment is usually a little cheaper than a Thai massage. However, experience, training and the range of offerings also play a decisive role. However, since you can choose which therapist to use, you have a direct influence on the prices.

Natural beauty instead of cosmetics?

The effects of Thai and other massages are not only felt, but also visible. Improved blood circulation, improved blood supply and relaxation also have an effect on the appearance and glow. The treatments can also help you sleep more relaxed and restful and thus be decisive for the appearance of the skin and the type of diet, among other things.

Because if you are constantly stressed and under time pressure, taking time for a decent meal is often difficult. Fast food, hastily eaten meals and an unbalanced diet are common consequences. This is not good for the whole body. Instead of covering it with cosmetics, beauty is achieved naturally if massages are taken regulary.

Targeted beauty applications for the face – as they also occur in Thai massage methods, for example, can specifically stimulate blood circulation in the skin, make the complexion appear fresher and tighten the skin. So it is a beauty teratment that works without any decorative cosmetics.

Thai, traditional or foot reflexology as a gift

Would you like to make someone happy and help them unwind? This is possible with our gift vouchers. These are wonderful presents in both professional and private life and can inspire others to take care of themselves more. Of course, you should first see for yourself how beneficial our relaxing treatments are.

Be aware: no medical massages

Please note that the treatments we offer are not medical therapies. So they cannot be paid with a prescription from your health insurance company.

Treatments at the studio or at-home?

Both options have advantages and disadvantages. If you can soon be pampered in our Soulhouse location, you will have the spa atmosphere and you may be able to unwind better. Pleasant sounds and smells, a calming environment and the opportunity to take a break of everyday life in the location are tempting. In addition, you don’t have to tidy up first and there are more options for massages than in an office, for example.

However, Corona has shown us that going to a studio or spa is not always easy or possible. In addition, there is the comparatively high effort when it comes to a further distance. With mobile use, however, there are other pluses and minuses for well-being, beauty and relaxation.

On the positive side, this includes the lack of travel, waiting time, looking for a parking space and avoiding contact with numerous people. The treatment can also be taken in the middle of the day or during a work break. This is also more difficult if you want to visit the studio directly.

However, you also need enough space for this and at the beginning it can take some effort to get a massage in the office. In addition, of course, approval from your line manager is required. The choice of possible types of massage is also limited. Because for many of the applications it is necessary to take off a large part of the clothing. That is rather difficult in the workplace.

It’s a different set up in your own apartment. As long as there is enough space, the options are not limited. In addition, there is greater familiarity, exclusivity and convenience. When the treatment is finished, you can just continue to relax and recover and do not have to spend a lot of time.

What preparation is necessary for a massage?

It all depends on the type of treatment. For the shoulders, back and neck, it is completely sufficient to take off your shirt or top. However, this can vary widely for more comprehensive massages. Therefore, always ask the selected therapist what you can prepare. This saves you time and the clock does not start running while you are still busy preparing everything.

As a rule, the therapists bring their own equipment so that you can sit or lie comfortably and do not have to worry about anything.

How long do the treatments last?

That depends on the type of application and will be discussed in advance. A more gentle massage usually takes longer and is therefore a good start. With Thai applications, however, a longer duration must be expected. In addition, the duration also depends on the areas treated. A simple neck massage naturally takes less time than the entire body. You can choose between 60, 90 and 120 minutes for our treatments.

When are the treatments possible?

Another decisive advantage of our offer is that the possible dates can be wonderfully adapted to your work and your free time. The massages can be booked from Monday to Sunday, from eight in the morning to ten in the evening. So whether you want to make the start of the week easier with a relaxing treatment, want to end the Sunday in a smooth way or need a little break on Wednesday during lunchtime: Soulhouse makes it possible.

This is also a clear advantage compared to the studio and spa, because these are usually not operating as long as we do. If you have longer working hours, you can hardly use them or not at all.

How do registration and app work?

Quite simply, sign up for our newsletter directly on the website and receive the latest information about new locations and attractive offers. This means that you always stay up to date and can, for example, use our service while on vacation. The app is just as simple.

Download the app and first select the date and time. The type of massage can of course also be determined by you. This will select the available and appropriately qualified therapists. In the next step you can determine your desired location. Whether in the office, at home, in a hotel or in a holiday apartment, it doesn’t matter. The appropriate therapists will then be displayed to you. So you can now choose from several profiles which person you like and who offers has the appropriate requirements. At the end, the booking and payment will be completed so that you can soon enjoy your relaxing treatment.

When are massages not possible?

There are a number of reasons why massage may not be possible, or at least not advisable. These include, for example, injuries, incorrect posture and malpositions, pregnancy, acute diseases of the musculoskeletal system such as a herniated disc, thrombosis, broken bones and inflammation of the veins.

Therefore, make sure that the treatment is really suitable for you and that your state of health cannot worsen as a result. Please see a doctor beforehand in the event of existing problems. If, on the other hand, you are only occasionally plagued by stress-related tension or you simply want to do something good for yourself, our service is ideal for you.

How do I behave after the massage?

Especially with more intensive treatments, you should first relax, drink a lot and take it slowly the minutes before. This works best at home, of course. By stimulating the blood circulation, the connective tissue and the muscles, many substances are released that must first be removed from your body. The shorter and gentler the application, the less the consequences.

However, the effectiveness is then also reduced. In the office, you should only focus on a slight loosening, while in your own apartment, on the weekend or on vacation, more comprehensive treatmenrs can be chosen. Because it is precisely through mobile use you can continue to relax or sleep afterwards and thus give your body the time to regenerate accordingly.

Sore muscles after massages?

The feeling of sore muscles after use is completely normal. The manual movement during the treatment loosens adhesions and removes tension, among other things. To do this, however, the muscles have to be moved strongly and in a targeted manner. You should therefore expect slight discomfort two to four days after the massage. However, you should not expect extreme pain or a significant deterioration, as well as prolonged sore muscles.

Find out more about our offers today and gain more well-being – anytime, anywhere.

You are only a few clicks away of enjoying a whole range of advantages. In addition to the great mobility and flexibility, both in terms of the location, the time and the type of massage, you can also expect fair prices and a high level of competence. Enjoy a relaxing and rejuvenating special pampering alone or with your partner. By simply registering and downloading the app or using the web application, you can not only eliminate tension, but also prevent it.