Couples massage – Our Classic for two

For couples, good friends and family, Soulhouse offers the perfect pampering ritual for two. The Couples massage takes place in parallel with two experts on two tables in your own house. Experience a treat for body, mind and soul at the same time and enjoy the time-out together. To book a Couples massage, use the contact form below and state your wishes. We will get back to you within two hours.

The ultimate pampering ritual for couples, friends and co.

Are you looking for a unique experience for you and your sweetheart? Should the next Valentine’s Day be something very special? Then the Couple’s massage from Soulhouse is just the right thing. There’s nothing more relaxing than experiencing this unforgettable wellness gift right at home with a person you love. Use our contact form to book now. We will get in touch with you within two hours.


Unwind and relax together

Nobody has to wait with our Couples massage, there is no need to ask who will come first. Side by side with your beloved one you will enjoy a first-class massage with our highly qualified experts. At the same time, the needs and wishes of each and every one of you are addressed individually. You will experience a unique moment of deep relaxation together whilst feeling the warmth and energy of your sweetheart. We transform your living room into your very personal home spa. Use the contact form above to book a Couples massage now.

Gemeinsam die Seele baumeln lassen

It’s all going to be about you two…

This experience belongs entirely to both of you. No one from outside will disturb this moment of togetherness. The Soulhouse experts stand for the highest quality of service. They know exactly when to ask you how you are feeling during the treatment and when it is better to give you both a space to isolate yourself from reality. Also with two massage experts in the room, the treatment loses none of its intimacy and romance. Communication between professionals is of course only limited to the start of treatment when special organizational requirements arise. Otherwise there is no further communication between the experts, so you can enjoy peace and quietness to the fullest. 

A good reason to book a couples massage

Some people have contacted us asking whether couples massage is only suitable for romantic lovers and only for big events like Valentine’s Day. The answer is: of course not! Everyone can enjoy the benefits of couples massage, romantic love between the recipients is not a must! The massage can also be shared with anyone else you care about. A surprise for your mother on Mother’s Day, a nice time with your sister or brother, a birthday present for a friend, etc. However, it is important not to choose a person randomly – a massage is something very intimate, you have to be in the presence of the other person feel completely relaxed and comfortable. Trust is crucial here. So when planning a couples massage, think about whether the person you have in mind meets all of these requirements – if the answer is yes, then you’ve made the perfect choice.

For that very special moment

A couples massage is a perfect idea to make an important celebration even more special and show your loved ones how much they mean to you. However, there is no saying that you can only book this massage when there is an important celebration coming up – our everyday lives are often very demanding and many of us forget to implement a daily self-care routine. We are often tense and full of stress and a professionally performed massage can be a good answer to that! You don’t need to wait for a good excuse to pamper yourself, you are worth taking care of for no particular reason. Sharing this magical moment with your loved one makes it very special. Let us accompany you on your way to ultimate relaxation and trust in our team of professionals and real massage enthusiasts.

Luxury right on your doorstep

You may find many massage options in your city, but what makes Soulhouse so special compared to other options? Why should you choose to book your massage with us and trust our employed team of professionals? You’ll find out now.

Massages wherever you want

First of all, our Soulhouse experts come wherever you need them, whether it is a hotel, one of our locations or your private apartment. You don’t have to worry about anything. It’s enough if you come with the idea of ​​a massage and we’ll take care of everything else! Just two hours after your booking, our experts will be at your door, ready to show you and your partner what true relaxation really means. If you have a busy schedule, our at-home service will help you save time, and if you are just tired and don’t want to worry about anything else that evening, that’s exactly what will happen with Soulhouse – you don’t even have to leave your house, a complete spa experience is now possible in your living room. Feeling comfortable and relaxing in your surroundings can have a big impact on how you perceive the massage experience. That’s why the opportunity to get a massage in your own home is so special!

The best experts in town

Additionally, Soulhouse is made up of only professional, experienced and employed experts, all of whom have gone through a special testing process to ensure we only offer the highest quality standards. Especially when it comes to a massage, it is important to have someone you can trust and who has the necessary skills. Soulhouse is the quality guarantee for you, with us you can simply close your eyes and relax, you are in good hands!

Soulhouse not only offers you a perfect massage experience, but also excellent customer service before and after the treatment. Booking a massage has never been easier than it is now! Download our app now or simply book via the web booking process directly. In just a few clicks everything is confirmed and ready for you and your perfect date!

Enjoy the couples massage one after the other

Would you like to enjoy all the benefits of a massage at home together, but don’t have enough space in your apartment for two massage tables? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered in this case too! Simply go to the regular booking process via web or app, where you will find the couples massage in the selection of massages with one expert, which will be carried out one after the other, concluding to a session of 120 minutes.

While one of you is being massaged, the other can simply lie down on a lounger and enjoy a glass of tea or wine or simply close your eyes and relax to the sounds of our carefully curated relaxation playlists. In such circumstances, time passes quickly and soon it will be time for a change. Our expert will put you both in a state of ultimate relaxation. Free from all blockages and tensions, enjoying the harmony of body, mind and soul.

Give the gift of moments of relaxation

Massage is a safe source of relaxation and stress relief that always has a positive effect on the person being treated. It is a great gift idea for even the most demanding and difficult people. You don’t need to worry about whether the gift will come in handy – there is no person in today’s modern world who would not appreciate a moment of slowing down and calm concentration on themselves. Most people would like to share this moment with another person they care about. However, if you want to be on the safe side, you can also buy a Soulhouse gift voucher as a ready-made surprise instead of a couples massage. In this way, a date for a treatment has not yet been set and the recipient can decide for themselves whether they would like to treat themselves to a treatment for two or whether they would like to share this experience with their loved ones. In addition, creating such a voucher on our website is really very quick, which makes it a perfect solution for a last-minute gift. You can even include a private message on the voucher with special wishes that come straight from your heart – it’s sure to be appreciated! Click here to purchase a voucher.