Brazilian lymphatic drainage

  • Against skin imperfections
  • Has a cleansing and detoxifying effect
  • Pressure: light-medium

Brazilian lymphatic drainage

Water retention, removal of metabolic end products, support for the immune system and the skin, relief from lymphedema – there are many good reasons for manual lymphatic drainage. In spite of this, this type of treatment, in contrast to classic massage, is relatively unknown. It is often associated with treatment for breast cancer. That is absolutely correct, but only covers a small part of the spectrum of activity of lymphatic drainage. Did you know that the lymphatic drainage massage is also a gentle and effective facial treatment that provides support for pure, firm and smooth skin? Lymph drainage is wonderfully beneficial and relaxing. It can contribute to stress reduction and well-being and at the same time serves health. Find out more about lymphatic drainage here:


  • What exactly is brazilian lymphatic drainage?
  • How does the lymphatic system work?
  • What happens if the lymphatic system is disturbed?
  • What are the benefits of this treatment?
  • What does it do?
  • How does the treatment work? How often should be treated?
  • How long should a session last?
  • How much does a session cost?

How does the lymphatic system work?

The lymph is the body water that is not in the blood system. Every adult’s organism always contains around two liters of it. In contrast to the bloodstream, the lymphatic system is not a closed circuit. The lymph vessels begin as the smallest lymph channels anywhere in the body, suck the lymph through their openings and direct them into the bloodstream. The lymphatic system is part of our immune system and flushes – among other things with the help of the lymph nodes – waste products, pathogens, cell debris and other substances that are unusable for the body. The lymph drainage can be disturbed by many different causes (illnesses, warm weather, pregnancy, …) This is where manual lymph drainage comes in.

brazilian lymphatic drainage – what is that?

Lymph drainage literally means “draining and draining the lymph”. The therapist uses certain gentle techniques to stimulate the lymphatic drainage. This effect is possible because the lymphatic system runs right under the skin. Strong pressure does not have to and must not be applied – too much pressure would also press the lymph vessels off. With decongestive therapy, the lymphatic vessels are opened, the fluid can run off again, the body loses excess water, waste products and other elements that are unusable for the body are flushed out. Lymphedema and water retention in the hands, arms or face are gently and sustainably alleviated in this way.

What happens if the lymphatic system is disturbed?

A disorder or disease of the lymphatic system can have many consequences. The best known of these is certainly water retention, especially in the feet, legs, hands and face. Perhaps you have already noticed that in summer your hands feel swollen in the evenings? If the lymphatic drainage is disturbed, the swellings do not go down and cause an uncomfortable feeling of tension up to a distinct sensation of pain. Water retention is also a common occurrence during pregnancy. The growing baby bump, so to speak, squeezes the lymph vessels and lymph nodes in the groin area, the water cannot flow out of the legs and builds up in the feet. In lymphedema, however, genetic predispositions often play a role. In addition to harmless causes of disturbance, the lymphatic system can also become ill. Inflammation of the lymph vessels and similar clinical pictures must be treated by a doctor.

What Are the benefits of the brazilian lymphatic drainage?

The effect of the brazilian lymphatic drainage starts immediately. A tingling sensation can occur even during the treatment – the brazilian lymphatic drainage gets started. The therapist recognizes congestion areas and will treat them with particular care. The entire immune system is strengthened with the lymphatic drainage massage. Since the lymphatic system is responsible for flushing substances out of the body that are unusable for the organism, the treatment supports this process in the long term. This is particularly advantageous not only as a manual decongestive therapy, but also as a supportive element for the immune system. During the treatment, the lymph flow is stimulated by the massage – this becomes particularly evident during the day as more water may be flushed out of the body than usual (frequent urination). Last but not least, the lymphatic drainage massage is wonderfully suited to relieve stress. Its soothing and calming character shuts the body down, so to speak – body, mind and soul benefit from the treatment.

What does the brazilian lymphatic drainage do?

The primary feature of this therapy is the decongestion of water retention in the body. Whether a lymphatic drainage for the legs, upper extremities or a whole body – the treatment indicated depends on where and to what extent the lymph accumulates in the blood vessels and what symptoms it is causing. The therapy also ensures that metabolic end products and similar cell debris are flushed out of the body with the lymph. The lymphatic system is closely related to the immune system. This is strengthened sustainably through regular treatments. Last but not least, the outflow of lymph also reduces body weight, muscles, connective tissue and the cardiovascular system are strengthened.

How does the treatment work? How often should be treated?

For the treatment, the customer is usually unclothed except for his/her underwear and is covered with a cloth. The body is stored comfortably in the supine position on a massage table or on a comparable surface. The legs are raised. The body is now treated piece by piece, the lymphatic channels are opened from the center to the distal. This means: The therapist begins the treatment on the trunk of the body and works his way up to the hands, feet and face. The treatment is beneficial and absolutely painless. Depending on the indication, the therapy should be used regularly. Much fluid intake, exercise, sufficient sleep and a healthy, high-quality diet support the therapy in the long term.

How long should a session last?

Manual decongestive therapy includes the whole body. The lymph flow is manually regulated piece by piece. Areas where the lymph has accumulated are gently drained several times. The body is treated centimeter by centimeter, so to speak. The presence of lymphedema, your wishes or the general physical conditions are indications that are included in the treatment time. Basically, a full body treatment takes about 120 minutes, a partial body treatment (for example lymphatic drainage for the legs, lymphatic drainage for the upper body or lymphatic drainage for the shoulders, neck, face) at least 60 minutes.

How much does a session cost?

The price for our cosmetic lymph drainage is in the advantageous segment compared to other providers. It costs exactly as much as other treatment techniques and can be booked from 69 euros.


If you decide to support your health with manual lymphatic drainage, you are doing your body a lot of good. Your skin and your immune system will thank you. Rest, relaxation and soothing recovery for body and mind are additional arguments for choosing lymphatic drainage as a regular form of treatment. Download the Soulhouse app now or use the online booking process and book your cosmetic lymphatic drainage in no time!