Wellness Massage

Our wellness massage is the ideal ritual for beginners. The pressure level is less than in our Classic Massage and invites you to give your body and mind a break.

  • Perfect ritual for beginners
  • Gentle and relaxing
  • Pressure level: light

The Wellness Massage relieves stress

Our everyday life is often shaped by stress. We face many challenges every day, both in our professional and private environment. Many activities place one-sided stress on our body. The consequences are back pain or tension. This effect is further intensified by a busy schedule.

Stress has been shown to have a negative effect on your body and well-being. This is noticeable in different ways in every person. The first signs may be restless sleep or loss of appetite. Over time, more severe symptoms such as inflammation, heartburn, or permanent exhaustion can develop. That is why it is so important that you take the right actions when you feel stressed.

Wellness massage is increasing to be a popular way of reducing and relieving stress. That is why this article will go into more detail below on what the massage is actually about, what it can do for you and what options you have to enjoy such a massage.


Massages: a treat for body and soul

Wellness massages are primarily used to relax the body and heavily stressed muscles. With various technicians, the expert tries to treat the right areas and thus ensure increased well-being. Tapping, pulling or gently stroking, among other things, intensifies various positive effects on your body. The blood circulation benefits particularly from the expert treatment. Not only the skin, but also the layers underneath are loosened up and increasingly included in the bloodstream.

Wellness massages have been proven to stimulate blood circulation and improve metabolism. Last but not least, when used correctly, annoying tension is also relieved. In any case, one can say: a soothing wellness massage not only increases your well-being, but also improves your quality of life.

What is so special about the wellness massage?

There are very different forms of massage. A very widespread form of massage is the so-called medical massage, which you can treat yourself to or which is prescribed by a doctor. The wellness massages we offer should be distinguished from medical massages and also differ from them; they enrich the range of “classic” massages with a few other pleasant additional features.

Our massages are primarily intended to offer you physical relaxation. However, with longer-term and multiple use, you will find that your well-being also improves. A good wellness massage is more than just a beauty program. After a treatment, many customers report that they feel “lighter” and more relaxed. This is ensured, among other things, by selected, fragrant oils that are used during the wellness massage. Many of them have their origins in traditional Far Eastern massages, some of which have been tried and successfully used for centuries. The plants used for this have a calming effect due to their scent. Other active ingredients have a noticeable effect on the skin: they cool or warm the skin. Overall, a wellness massage is not just a massage of your body, but a positive stimulation of your entire senses.

The lighting conditions also have a significant influence on the effectiveness of various massages. In principle, the treatments often take place with dimmed light. This puts you in the right, calm mood to fully unwind during treatment. It has been shown that certain light spectra have an additional influence on our well-being and mood. This is why “warm” light is used in many wellness massages, often reddish or orange in color.

So that all your senses can relax, in addition to the calming treatment of the masseur or masseuse, relaxation music ensures that you feel completely at ease. Because we also perceive important stimuli through the ears, which have a significant influence on our mood. Music can stir us up, make us sad or even angry – or, as in our case, have a calming effect on mood, pulse and thoughts.

Why book a massage with Soulhouse?

Massage is a matter of trust. This is precisely why you should be careful not to leave your body and thus your health in the hands of just any masseur. Because the term “wellness massage” is not protected either, there are a large number of providers who specialize in this type of massage – and unfortunately also some who offer services that they do not really master. It even happens that some providers of such wellness massages have not completed any training. This is problematic because the masseur lacks such important and fundamental knowledge about the structure and function of the human body. Accordingly, a masseur does not know when to treat a customer and how.

That is why we make sure that our massage experts have a sound and solid training. You can fully trust our selection – we only make our platform available to tested massage experts who have already proven their knowledge in practice. With every masseur, we get a personal picture of his services and his offer so we have a solid basis on which we can take this important decision on. And because trying is more important than studying, we of course extensively test each expert ourselves beforehand.

We know that personal preferences play an important role. The wellness massage takes place on a special personal level, it just has to be the right chemistry between customer and expert. That’s why with Soulhouse you always have the choice of which expert you would like to be massaged by. With us you even have the opportunity to order your masseur directly to your home. Or to your office. Or in your room in the hotel – we will massage you at (almost) every place. So you can enjoy classic massages or new trends everywhere – just as you like.

We would also like to offer you the greatest possible flexibility with regard to the time. That’s why you can book our massages from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. – 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We will just simply come to your home or to another location of your choice. It is easy – choose your desired treatment and decide where you would like to be massaged. With just a few clicks you can find the right massage expert for you. All you have to do then is to let yourself be pampered!

What makes Soulhouse so special?

We know how good and beneficial wellness is with massage. That’s why it’s our passion – we love to be massaged pleasantly ourselves. And just as much, we enjoy doing something good for others and pampering them. That is why it is our main priority to make everyone feel good. In our opinion, everyone should experience the relaxation and the feeling of floating on clouds after a wellness massage! Unfortunately, we see that high quality massages can cost quite a bit of money. Three-digit amounts for a 60-minute treatment are no longer uncommon. We want to change that! We believe that a good wellness massage does not have to cost a lot and should be made available to as many people as possible.

Ultimately, such a treatment has a positive effect on many areas of life: You will not only feel fitter and better, but you will also be able to meet the private and professional challenges of everyday life more effectively. We are convinced that everyone has a right to feel good and to appreciate themselves for who they are. Such well-being and self-confidence works like a positive spiral that reinforces itself: This makes you more balanced and relaxed, which makes you a more successful person. That in turn increases your self-confidence. The best thing to do is to try it out yourself!

Combination of wellness and spa

It is simply good to do something good for yourself – what sounds so simple and logical is unfortunately often difficult to implement in everyday life. When was the last time you really took time for yourself? Don’t you agree that it was too long ago? Let it be a simple, relaxing bath that makes you forget the time. Or a nice beauty program in which you let yourself be completely pampered.

Some gifts you just have to give to yourself. So don’t wait any longer for relaxation to fall from the sky. Our relaxation not only comes from experienced experts in their field, it is also affordable. Our prices are up to 30% cheaper than in comparable studios or spas.

How does a wellness massage work?

Of course, we don’t want to tell you in detail what you can expect from a wellness massage by our experts. There are several reasons for this. Everyone is different – and that’s the nice thing about it. So we can experience the diversity of different personalities, talents and preferences. Wouldn’t it be boring if everyone thought the same thing and everyone liked the same thing? Our massage specialists are unique, too. This is exactly what makes every session unique and unmistakable – every masseur has a slightly different approach.

The individual massage types also differ from one another in terms of the details. For example, a hot stone massage works differently than a traditional Thai massage.

But despite all the differences, we can assure you that you will enjoy every Soulhouse moment with all your senses. We ensure an appealing ambience in which you feel completely at ease. Treat yourself to a break and book your favorite massage.

How do you recognize a good wellness massage?

With so many providers, it is not that easy to keep track of things. That is why we have put together the most important criteria for you by which you can recognize a good and serious wellness massage.

  • Professional qualifications

A good education should be the alpha and omega of a masseur. Because as already mentioned, he or she works on you and your body. A masseur should therefore be very familiar with the human anatomy. Some basic medical knowledge is also beneficial. That is why, when selecting our experts, we not only ensure that they can provide excellent evidence of their training and other qualifications. For us, implementation in practice also counts. That is why we test applicants before they are approved by us. So you can be completely sure that our experts have been put through their paces. So you can book your next wellness massage completely relaxed!

  • Massage with a purpose

A qualified massage therapist doesn’t just get started, but approaches the matter with a structure and a system. This is important, especially if he is using multiple massage techniques. The most important goal of a massage should be your well-being. That is why a masseur should ask you what exactly you want to achieve with the massage. Our experts are interested in increasing your well-being. That is why we also attach great importance to offering you our service wherever you feel comfortable – in the hotel, in your home, in the office or in one of our Soulhouses (coming soon). The choice is yours.

  • Advisory

Our comprehensive offer is fully available for you. We provide you with comprehensive information about the massage techniques that we offer. Then you can decide which massage you would like to take advantage of. From a classic full body massage, through Shiatsu, to Lomi Lomi you will find a whole range of different offers at Soulhouse. In our locations (coming soon!) there are also classics such as the hot stone massage to be found. There is something for every taste! You can also get certain sports massages or foot reflexology from us from selected experts. Our on-site experts will be happy to answer any further questions and give you comprehensive advice.

  • Individuality

Everyone feels different. That’s why everyone perceives touch differently. This is an important point that we take into account, especially with wellness massages. We would like to look after you comprehensively and offer you an all-round positive experience. We would like to respond to you and your needs. So if we can do something specific for you, let us know in advance. Open and honest communication is essential for us. Because we are convinced that we can only achieve our common goal on this basis. After all, this is not about us, but about you!

  • Pleasant ambience

The right place for a wellness massage is just as important as a well-executed massage technique. The right ambience ensures that you can really unwind during the treatment. But there is more to it than just a harmonious decoration or a heated bathroom. You will see at first glance that our Soulhouses (coming soon!) have been furnished with great attention to detail. Everything is geared towards making your time with us as pleasant as possible. Cozy light ensures that you shift down a gear as soon as you enter our premises. In addition, soothing sounds create a mood of relaxation. Our own products such as incense sticks, scented candles and more round off the experience. But we can also conjure up the oasis of well-being in your own four walls, experiencing the spa effect at home is simply great. One can’t describe it – you have to experience it yourself!

  • Reasonable prices

Quite a few people nowadays shy away from trying out a massage treatment. The reason? Too high pricing. Unfortunately, it has been observed more and more frequently in recent years that massage studios charge high-class prices for mediocre services. We are convinced: it doesn’t have to be that way! Good performance should be appropriately charged, but still stay affordable. That is why we make sure that our prices are set in such a way that as many people as possible can enjoy a high-quality wellness massage – if they wish. Of course we cannot offer our services for free. Very low pricing is also sometimes a possible indication of a dubious performance. However, if you take a look at our price list, you will notice that every treatment takes place at a fair cost.

  • Multiple treatmemts possible

Do you only get a massage every few months because the appointments are so fully booked? That shouldn’t be the case. With us you get as many treatments as you want. Especially at the beginning, when you are very tense, it makes sense to book several massages in a short time. In this way you ensure that the treatments achieve the desired effect. We don’t have an over-booked appointment calendar: just check online to see when the next time slot is free and book directly. We can’t make it any easier for you.

  • Just feels good

Good is what feels good. This is especially true for wellness massages. A massage should feel consistently positive from the first touch to the end. Should something not fit, however, contrary to expectations, speak to our massage experts. We will then look for a suitable solution together. Also, if you feel pain during the treatment, you should address it directly. So your expert knows what to look out for. Even if it doesn’t fit perfectly on a personal level: we have a whole range of experienced masseurs you can choose between.

Gift well-being

We are all desire a little more wellness and wellbeing. We don’t always have the time or the opportunity to book a short-term vacation and simply take a break. But that doesn’t always have to be the case. With our wellness massage you can not only do something good for yourself, but also make others happy.

If you are still looking or thinking about what gifts you would like to give your loved one at the next occasion, then you have found the ideal solution here.

Because what could be nicer than being able to enjoy a soothing wellness massage after a relaxing bath? You are welcome to share this great feeling of massage and wellness with others. Give your best friends and relatives gifts that they will remember for a long time – with a Soulhouse voucher for a relaxing massage!

We’re here for you!

We are currently planning several massage studios, our Soulhouse Massage Boutiques, all over Germany. As a first goal, we would like to concentrate on the larger cities. Our first studios are planned for Berlin and Hamburg. In addition, we are also present in various hotels and, above all, mobile, with Soulhouse at-home massages.

Please note, however, that we cannot offer you medical massages. This also means that our massages can unfortunately not be billed via recipes. If you have severe pain in your back or any other major health problem, we advise you (at least for the time being) against a treatment with wellness massages. In this case, you should urgently contact a doctor and get treated accordingly. Often you will also be prescribed medical massages. Such a massage therapy can, however, form the starting point for a subsequent treatment with wellness massages. Because if the pain has been treated, from a medical point of view nothing speaks against further, regular treatments with us. This can offer you several advantages at the same time: On the one hand, your body is already adjusted to the special treatment options of massage. You also prevent further injuries or health problems. However, you should always note that a spa treatment or wellness massage is primarily intended for rest and relaxation – not the medical treatment of pain or injuries.

We look forward to treat you!

Regardless of whether you want to transform your room in the hotel into a spa, enjoy relaxing wellness massages in our Soulhouse or just want to escape the stress of everyday life: You are at the right place with us. A nice wellness massage is more than just part of a beauty program. It is a comprehensive feelgood service that you treat yourself to. With us you have various options to get your personal dream massage. We offer you different variations from experienced experts who put your well-being first. So don’t hesitate to contact us or leave a message.

But not only you can benefit from our offer. With us you also have the opportunity to purchase vouchers for friends or acquaintances and thus give away wellness. The recipient will thank you, we promise! Our support team will be happy to answer any further questions you may have in this regard or on other topics. To book, simply use our app or the online booking process here. We look forward to hearing from you!