Classic massage

With this all-rounder full body massage, we free you from tension and help to relax. The mobilization of your entire body is enhanced. With organic oil!

  • The perfect Soulhouse ritual for beginners
  • Works against stress and tension
  • Pressure: light-medium

What is a classical massage?

The classical massage is one of the most widespread forms of massage. It is probably the most commonly used massage technique in physiotherapy, medicine, and massage practices. You may have heard of it, perhaps under its other name: Swedish massage. This name is derived from its developer, a Swedish student. Among doctors, it is more commonly known as classical manual therapy (CMT). With a classical massage, you can regain strength and vitality and completely let go. Massages employ a technique that induces a direct physical response for relaxation and health. As a result, you will also feel a sense of inner peace, as the body and soul are known to be closely connected.

Klassische Massagen
Klassische Massagen
Klassische Massagen

What is understood by a classical massage?

Due to its undeniable effectiveness in various physical ailments, CMT is a popular measure in healthcare. When using this technique, tissues are stimulated, and muscles, tendons, and ligaments are worked on, relieving tensions and alleviating complaints. In contrast to purely relaxation massage, Swedish body massage is not primarily for relaxation but is also suitable for relaxation. However, there are also many other applications. The main goals of classical manual therapy lie in stimulating bodily functions, improving skin structure, and general regeneration. You will feel its effects, especially in the form of improved blood circulation and relaxed muscles.

History of Origin

You are probably familiar with the instinct to stroke or press on the affected area when in pain. Therefore, it is not surprising that the “power of touch” has been recognized as healing and developed around the world. Kneading treatments have been part of our repertoire for treating illnesses for thousands of years. Earlier cultures swore by the power of touch for healing: a lost balance of the body should be restored or preventively preserved to bring harmony and peace.

The technique known to us as classical manual therapy has ancient roots anchored in the ancient cultures of Asia. In Europe and America, it was one of the first massage forms to be medically tested. In the 19th century, it eventually spread as an independent form. Pehr Henrik Ling is considered one of the key founders of the Swedish massage form. The Swedish poet and author dedicated himself to achieving recovery from illnesses through gymnastics and massages. The Swedish massage eventually reached Germany through the orthopedic surgeon Albert Hoffa. Hoffa refined the technique and passed it on as the massage form used internationally today by masseurs, physiotherapists, and doctors.

How does a classical massage proceed?

Like other types of body massages, a special oil is also used for classical manual therapy. Overall, you can expect a friendly, calm atmosphere so that you can fully enjoy the treatment. The Soulhouse masseur begins by using gripping techniques to work on exposed areas of your body. This typically happens from peripheral areas towards the center of the body. Classical massage includes both full-body and partial variants. Full-body massages focus on several relevant body regions, such as the shoulder and neck area, arms, legs, and feet. When thinking of body massages, you probably often picture a back treatment. This method, for example, falls under partial massages and is intended for back problems, among other things. It’s best to discuss with the masseur beforehand where exactly your complaints are located if you come with a specific concern. This way, attention can be directly given to the affected body part.

What does a full-body massage include?

As briefly mentioned, a Soulhouse full-body massage typically involves massaging the entire body, including the back, legs, buttocks, arms, hands, neck, face, and head. It can also include massaging the shoulders, chest, and abdomen. The massage is usually performed by a masseur or masseuse who uses various techniques such as stroking, kneading, rubbing, and tapping to loosen muscles and relieve tension. A full-body massage can contribute to relaxation, improved blood circulation, and relief of pain and stress. Some people also opt for aromatherapy, where essential oils are incorporated into the massage to achieve additional relaxation of the senses and other health benefits.

Who is a classical massage suitable for?

In principle, you can almost always benefit from a classical massage and the relaxation it provides. It is an ideal opportunity to bring more wellness into your daily life. If you want to feel holistic well-being and do something good for yourself, you are in the right place. The classical body massage is particularly indicated for chronic or acute muscular problems. When applied by a qualified physiotherapist or as a massage, it often offers a more natural, pleasant approach to such matters than a medication-oriented approach. Classical manual therapy can work wonders for the following conditions:

  • Muscle hardening or tension
  • Musculoskeletal complaints
  • Sensory disorders
  • Neuralgia
  • Paresis
  • Spasms
  • Psychosomatic disorders
  • Chronic pain (including headaches or back pain)

If I want a truly strong massage, should I not visit a male therapist?

There is no general rule stating that male massage therapists, in general, perform stronger massages than female massage therapists. The ability to perform a strong massage depends more on the individual skills and strengths of the massage therapist. Some male therapists may have stronger hands and be able to perform deeper massages, while others may prefer gentler techniques. The same applies to female therapists. It is essential to note that everyone has different preferences and needs when it comes to massages, and our Soulhouse male and female therapists always cater to individual needs and desires. If you desire a truly strong massage, our expert profiles indicate the skills and techniques the therapist possesses. For a very strong massage, it is advisable to book a sports massage or connective tissue massage. Additionally, you can discuss with the Soulhouse therapist before the massage how strong you want the massage to be. The expert will also ask you during the treatment if the applied pressure is according to your needs.

When should one be advised against a classical massage?

In some cases, it is better to consult a doctor first to avoid unwanted side effects of a body massage. Clarification is advisable for acute inflammations and infectious diseases, cardiovascular problems, venous disorders, or vascular diseases. If you suffer from high fever, it would be better to avoid the massage for the time being. For your own health and that of the therapist, it is also advisable to refrain from massaging during viral infections or other infections. In addition, massages should be avoided in the case of skin diseases, open wounds, and tumor diseases.

Techniques and Effects

The Soulhouse classical full-body massage is performed directly on the body without aids, using the hands. The masseur employs various techniques or grips, with the most common being stroking, kneading, rubbing, tapping, and vibration. These techniques stimulate both the skin and deeper body tissues. In addition to increased blood circulation, the healing effects of the Swedish full-body massage also involve reactions of the skin nerves. They influence the body’s own nervous system and release certain hormones and pain-relieving messengers.

Positive Effects

A classical massage affects large areas of your body. The entire musculoskeletal system, including muscles, tendons, and ligaments, is stimulated. Because tensions in parts of this support system of our body occur more and more frequently, massages have become one of the most popular approaches in physiotherapy and among massage therapists against civil ailments such as neck or shoulder pain. Even young people suffer from muscle complaints due to incorrect sitting postures or unfavorable working conditions at the desk. In addition to these symptoms, the interaction between psychological stress and the body results in continuous strain, which can lead to chronic conditions. A classical full-body massage counteracts this or significantly alleviates existing pain. Blood circulation promotion continues to stimulate the body’s self-healing powers, similar to wound healing, and also facilitates faster removal of toxins. The immune system also responds positively to massage sessions and is strengthened through regular use.

Furthermore, it is effective for training-related imbalances, blockages, or joint misalignments. If you engage in sports, tense or shortened muscles may increasingly limit you. A good Swedish massage is beneficial in such cases. Moreover, classical massages support emotional well-being, addressing anxiety, restlessness, and sleep disorders.

Cost of a classical massage

Depending on the desired duration of the classical massage, you should expect different prices. The durations can vary between one, one and a half, or two hours. You can enjoy our service comfortably at home or at our locations. Simply open our app or use the web booking process.