Sports massage

Tailored to the complaints and needs of athletes, this form of therapy is accessing the deep tissue. Thanks to strong grips, it improves freedom of movement and promotes the regeneration of damaged muscle fibres.

  • As a partial and full body massage
  • For before and after training
  • Pressure level: strong

Sports massage: regeneration for stressed muscles

Do you feel physically exhausted and each of your muscles hurt? Have you given your best in a competition and now you want to treat yourself and your muscles? Then a sports massage is an ideal way for you to regenerate muscles and recharge batteries. In this article we have explained to you what a sports massage is, how it differs from classic wellness care and when you should rather not use it.


What is a sports massage?

Sports massage is a useful supplement to a classical massage, which uses almost identical grips. Its primary goal is to loosen muscles stressed after exercising and to remove lactate from the muscles. The advantage: your muscle soreness after fitness sessions will probably be much less severe and you will be ready to get back to training more quickly. However, even if you are more of a couch potato and don’t do any sport at all, a sports massage is still an option. This form of massage is suitable for those who prefer a more intensive form of massage. Anyone who suffers from painful tension is also well advised to have a sports massage.

Who benefits from a sports massage?

Professional athletes are in a privileged position because for them a professionally performed massage is part of a standard programme. Even if you are not a professional athlete, you should be regularly receiving a sports massage. The advantages are similar to those of a classic massage: massage is considered one of the oldest treatment methods of all, from which your entire organism benefits. Thanks to targeted grips, tensions can be released and pain alleviated. Skin and connective tissue also benefit from a massage, not to mention your mental wellbeing. The classic sports massage focuses on the muscles strained by performed sports activity. Such a treatment directly after an extensive fitness session leads to faster muscles regeneration and thus also being ready to get back to training more quickly. However, if you suffer from chronic back pain, you should first clarify with your doctor or personal trainer whether a sports massage makes sense in your case. If tension is the cause of your complaints, such a treatment can definitely be useful.

How does a sports massage work?

Remember, the treatment is only effective if it does not involve any pain. The following also applies to a sports massage: the treatment must not hurt at all, it should be pleasant at all times. Although a sports massage differs from a classic wellness massage, pain definitely has no place on the massage table. In contrast to most other wellness massages, sports massage works locally. That is why the region that was particularly affected during the training is being kneaded more intensively. The sports massage is mainly applied to the back area, thighs and calves. In most cases, a sports massage is not a full-body massage. Sometimes not only the therapist’s hands are being used, but also their elbows. Warm or cold water and ice cubes can also be used during the massage, to support the treatment. The so-called hydrotherapy brings an additional relaxation effect for the stressed muscles. Depending on the type of massage and the body region to be treated, it can be carried out with or without clothes. It is important that you feel comfortable during the entire treatment.

How much does a sports massage cost and when should it be applied?

The sports massage can be used both before and after training. When it takes place exactly, depends on the type of sport, among other things; it is best to consult with your coach. When used before exercising, it serves to stimulate and warm up the muscles. A massage after sports, on the other hand, loosens the strained muscles and helps to calm your body down. The grips are not entirely different to those of classical massage, although so-called toning grips are often used in preparation for a training session. After training treatments like shaking movements, lymph drainage and kneading are often used. The beauty of the Soulhouse is that you always pay the same price for different treatments, so a sports massage costs the same as a classic massage. The price you can expect depends on the duration of the massage and the time of your appointment. The massage can last 60, 90 and even 120 minutes. Optimal effect is achieved with at least a 60-minute massage.

What qualifications are necessary to give a sports massage?

Would you like to treat yourself to a revitalising sports massage? Here you will only find experienced masseurs, including physiotherapists and medical bath attendants, who offer this form of treatment. Some of our masseurs are also personal trainers, so they can also include expertise in this area in your treatment. Becoming the regeneration or sports masseur always involves additional training that can be fulfilled by any psychotherapist. Our masseurs have a range of additional qualifications. If you would like to get more information on that, please contact us at any time. If you perform sports very often, talk to your personal trainer about whether a sports massage is an option for you. The positive effect of sports massages on health has been clearly proven scientifically. It has been proven that sports massage promotes biogenesis, i.e. the recovery of the stressed body parts. The massaged parts of the body show significantly lower levels of inflammation; in addition, the danger of muscle soreness is significantly reduced. In some cases, however, sports massage is not recommended. If you have severe back problems or chronic pain, a sports massage can even increase your discomfort.

You are now convinced of the benefits of a sports massage and would like to experience it yourself? Then book a sports massage with the Soulhouse masseur of your choice via the app or our website; information about prices will be also available there. Our sports massage is carried out by certified wellness masseurs, physiotherapists or medical bath attendants and is clearly distinguishable from a wellness massage. It rather serves to regenerate your muscles after exercise and is beneficial for your health.