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Our Soulhouse massage voucher is the ideal gift idea for every occasion. Whether as a Mother’s Day, birthday or Christmas present, spoil your loved ones with moments of relaxation.

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Gifting with a massage voucher: Things you should know about this popular gift idea

Whether for a birthday, Christmas or as a small gift: a massage voucher is well received by loved ones. It is a special kind of experience-gift that ensures rest and relaxation. In order for the surprise to be perfect, you should know some important facts about the “massage gift”.

Soulhouse Gutschein
Soulhouse Gutschein
Soulhouse Gutschein

What are the special features and advantages of a massage voucher?

A gifted massage is always well received: Anyone who feels stressed in their daily life or longs for a break will appreciate the soothing experience for body and soul. The special feature: The recipient enjoys the massage at their desired time since they can freely choose the appointment. But it’s also hassle-free for you as the giver. You simply purchase the massage voucher online, receive it immediately by email, for example, to print out or to send. Therefore, our massage vouchers are also perfect last-minute gifts!

Benefits of a massage voucher

Receiving a massage benefits the immune system, soul, and overall well-being. This gift offers at least six advantages that friends, family, colleagues, or partners can enjoy. Note: When you purchase a voucher from us to give as a gift, it is not for a medical massage.

1. Releasing tension

Massages are extremely effective in relieving tension. Through targeted manipulation of muscles and tissue, massages dissolve hardenings and improve circulation, which can alleviate pain. The gentle application of pressure loosens tight muscles and promotes relaxation. Moreover, massages stimulate the release of endorphins, enhancing overall well-being. Regular massages can increase flexibility, improve mobility, and help prevent tension in the long term.

2. Reduce stress

Whether facing pressures at work or in personal situations, in both cases, we feel overwhelmed and exhausted by the challenging situation. Receiving a massage as a gift allows one to escape the tension for a moment and recharge with new energy to face the challenge more relaxedly. Thus, the “Wellness and Spa” experience helps to recharge and find better ways to deal with stressful situations.

3. Support the immune system

A soothing massage can contribute to sustainably strengthening the immune system—even though the offered services do not constitute medical treatment. Regularly indulging in massages stimulates the skin and muscles. In this way, the body releases substances that contribute to general and physical well-being. The organs benefit, as movements and pressure promote circulation. Studies also show that massage treatment reduces stress hormones in our body. Thus, a massage often also positively affects pain perception.

4. Improved sleep quality

Anyone who has ever undergone a massage treatment is familiar with its effects—especially on sleep. Restorative sleep is rare in a hectic daily life. Gentle touches and skilled techniques contribute to the relaxation of both body and mind. This makes it easier for many people to switch off—and to fall into a relaxed sleep.

5. Enjoy “spa and wellness” for hair and skin

A voucher for a massage is a boon for one’s appearance. Because: those who feel relaxed and happy radiate. The kneading hands of the masseur promote lymphatic drainage, allowing the person being massaged to benefit from improved transport of lymph fluid. This means: toxins are better transported out of the cells. Improved circulation can help the skin glow—and make the hair feel healthy and supple.

 Enjoy the experience of touch and closeness

Professional masseurs offer a service that satisfies the fundamental need for touch—because skin contact and gentle massages create tactile stimuli that release the hormone oxytocin. You know this hormone as the “cuddle hormone,” which, among other things, reduces fears and stress. Therefore, by giving a massage voucher, you are not gifting something material, but an experience to enhance psychological well-being and create a genuine moment of happiness.

Tips for creating a voucher

When creating a voucher, ensure its completeness to guarantee its validity for the recipient. Important information includes the date of issuance, voucher conditions, and contact options. To ensure friends, colleagues, or partners look forward to the massage and know what to expect, a voucher should include a description. You can use this to leave a personal, affectionate message. Good to know: In principle, exchanging the voucher for cash is not possible.

How long are massage vouchers valid?

Typically, every voucher has a validity period. Although conditions vary from provider to provider, the Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch (BGB, German Civil Code) specifies how long a certificate is generally valid: recipients have a total of two years to redeem their voucher. Note that this duration may vary under certain circumstances.

Tip: Sometimes, voucher gifts—without any ill intent—end up lying around “in a corner” for a long time. It’s not uncommon for us to simply forget about an experience gift, and the deadline slowly but surely expires. It’s best to note down the deadline—and remind your loved ones after some time that a special experience is waiting for them. This ensures that the massage gift brings joy to the recipient as soon as possible and that the voucher doesn’t end up sadly gathering dust in a corner.

How much does a massage voucher cost?

If you’re looking for a massage voucher, you’ll find that costs vary among different providers. There’s a good reason for this: The costs for the various offers depend on the type of massage and its duration. Another factor can also be the person offering the massage. Meaning: The qualification also contributes to the pricing. For the highest degree of flexibility, you can choose the voucher value yourself at Soulhouse.

Good to know: We offer you trained and certified staff who will visit you or the recipient in your own space. This can be at home or, for example, at work. In selected cities, there is also the possibility to enjoy a massage at our locations.

Massage voucher: How do I get the gift?

Whether it’s a couple’s massage voucher for shared experiences or a gift for an individual: Getting a massage voucher to give away is particularly straightforward and direct online today. Delivery is via email. You complete the payment process through our app or web application, allowing you to calmly look at the offers. Compare them with each other to find the right wellness gift to give away.

Massage vouchers – when and for whom is it suitable?

The advantage of a massage voucher is that it serves as a “universal gift”, suitable for every occasion. That means: You give away a massage for a birthday, Mother’s Day, as a little gift for a stressed colleague or a friend who needs a break. A couple massage voucher for loved ones is also suitable as a special gift, for example for an anniversary or Valentine’s Day. Anyone who allows themselves and their best friend some relaxation or is looking for an idea of how to say sorry after a fight will be happy to use the massage voucher. Because: massages stand for relaxation and stress reduction – and thus form the perfect gift for many life situations in which we long for a break.

Whatever the occasion is: A special feature of the voucher is that it has no “material value”, but offers an experience. Anyone who does not want to use the common jewellery gift, the typical watch or the “woolen socks for Christmas” will get their money’s worth with a massage gift. The recipients are also happy about the benefits for body and soul. Plus: Experiences are remembered more often, so that recipients will remember your present for a long time.

What types of massages can I give as a present?

The selection of massage vouchers is particularly diverse today, which is why donors and recipients are happy to receive various offers. That means: When you buy a massage gift, the best way to respond to the individual needs of your loved one is by leaving it up to them to choose the treatment. Most vouchers specify the duration of the treatment and the type of massage. This is not the case with Soulhouse, with us you only choose the voucher value for maximum flexibility. Your loved ones can then choose the type and length of the massage themselves in the value of the voucher. You won’t do anything wrong and your loved ones can create their very own massage experience. 

Tip: If the recipient has any questions about the types of massage from Soulhouse, you can inform them that we offer a range of nine different treatments. Going through the descriptions of the different types of massage is worthwhile before the recipient redeems the voucher. You can choose from, for example, full-body massages, foot massages, back massages, massages with oil, Shiatsu and treatments with special grip techniques and styles. Your partner complains of neck and shoulder pain and feels tense? Then a massage of these areas would be useful.

What else do I need to know about massage vouchers?

Although a massage voucher is a beneficial gift, the special present does not replace medical treatment. If you want to treat a friend, partner or your parents, it is important to point this out to them. Especially in the case of long-lasting complaints and internal tension that can be traced back to serious physical and psychological causes, you should only picture a massage as a supplementary element that contributes to relaxation. Because those who benefit from a massage regularly can improve their overall quality of life and find a ritual to escape the stressful everyday life. Buy massage vouchers online here now.