Massages at-home

Thanks to our exclusive Soulhouse@Home service, you can always experience massages nearby. Why bother with the annoying search for a parking space. Your favorite expert will massage you in the comfort of your home or will come to another location of your choice.

Soulhouse expert with a massage table packed in a bag coming to one of the customers

Soulhouse: Enjoy finest massages wherever you are!

Everyday life is stressful and nerve-wracking enough. We chase from one appointment to the next and hardly take time to rest and relax. Cosmetics, wellness and, above all, professional, calming massages are usually neglected. One of the reasons for this is that it was previously not possible to integrate massages into the daily routine in a meaningful and time-saving manner. But thanks to Soulhouse, this has now come to an end. Because we bring you wellness and pure relaxation to you. Simply book a massage or other healing treatment via the app and let yourself be pampered whenever and wherever you want! Recharge your batteries with our massages by our first-class experts. Pure well-being and a break from everyday stress await you at Soulhouse.

Enjoy your beauty treatment at Soulhouse or at-home

Are you longing for a massage or wellness treatment, but you don’t know where to place it in terms of time? No problem, with Soulhouse you enjoy maximum flexibility. You alone decide when and where you want to use the services of our experts and receive your treatment. For example, very relaxed in a Soulhouse studio. You can find this in Berlin and Hamburg (coming soon!) as well as many other large cities in Germany. If you don’t have the time or you don’t have the opportunity to get there, we also have the right solution for you. Simply book the massages you want delivered to your house with our app. The best experts from our team will pamper you in your own living room. Or maybe you have a long enough break during working hours? Then a massage is also possible in the office. Our masseur will bring the equipment required for this, such as the massage table. The reviews of our customers show that you are just as satisfied with massages at home or in the office as in one of our studios.

Massages from morning to late evening

We offer you our massages not only everywhere, but also almost around the clock. We are there for you with massages delivered to your house from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. And even on Saturday and Sunday. More flexibility is hardly possible. Thanks to the intuitive operation of our app, you can quickly find an expert for first-class massages who will come to you. Appointments are simple and straightforward and you can choose from a wide range of massages to suit your individual needs. Book a massage treatment now for a successful start to the day or as a successful end to the evening!

A team of experienced experts awaits you

In Berlin, Hamburg and Munich and soon all of Germany, the best and most experienced masseurs work together with Soulhouse to guarantee you a relaxing massage in your area at any time. No matter whether in our massage boutique, in the office or at home, our team will respond individually to your wishes and needs so that you are completely relaxed after the massage. Every masseur at Soulhouse has received thorough training. Our specialists therefore have the necessary know-how to release even the strongest tensions and help you achieve a lasting sense of well-being. Do not be satisfied with less. Always choose Soulhouse and an experienced team with maximum knowledge of massages in your area. Cosmetics for mind and body: massages from Soulhouse

Cosmetics for mind and body: massages from Soulhouse

Together with us and our app, you will quickly and easily find exactly the treatment that brings your mind and body into harmony. Relax both mentally and physically with a massage by our experts and let go of all ballast. We rely on holistic treatment for our customers. That is why we have made every Soulhouse massage boutique (coming soon!) particularly inviting for you. You can expect all the comforts you can imagine. In each Soulhouse we have created an environment that helps you to relax actively and to free yourself from the troubles of everyday life. Enjoy your massage with all your senses and experience an atmosphere that you would prefer not to leave. Alternatively, you can use the security and familiarity of your own apartment with an at-home massage in order to be able to relax optimally. The choice is yours!

Find the perfect massage near you

Depending on the problem that plagues you or the way in which you prefer to relax the most, different types of massage can be beneficial for you. How lucky that Soulhouse offers you a wide selection of the most popular wellness treatments. For example, you can choose between:

We combine traditional and modern treatment methods for a maximum feeling of relaxation in order to always offer you the best possible wellness experience. With the help of our app, you can always quickly find the right experts for the treatment you require, whether in the studio or at home.

Experience a feeling of inner calm thanks to at-home massages

According to the reviews of our customers, after a massage by our team you will feel completely relaxed and have a feeling of deep inner calm. Take time for yourself regularly and experience how good massages can be for your overall well-being. Pain and tension in muscles and joints can be effectively counteracted with appropriate treatment. This will make you feel more balanced and more productive, and you will be ready to take on all the challenges of the day. And since Soulhouse offers you massages in the comfort of your home, you don’t even have to plan a lot of extra time for them. Instead, you can easily integrate your individual wellness moments into your usual daily routine.

Book massages near you quickly and easily now

Would you like to convince yourself of the quality and variety of Soulhouse’s wellness services? Then it’s best to download our app right away or use the web application. If you also register as a VIP for our newsletter, you will receive a 15 euro discount on your next booking. Within a few moments you are ready to book your first massage in a studio near you (coming soon!) or experience a treatment in the comfort of your home. Of course, registering for our service via our app is completely free, non-binding and you can also simply book as a guest. So there is really no catch. Instead, you enjoy all of the benefits mentioned and more. Because our massages are carried out exclusively by tested and certified experts. In addition, we guarantee an extremely fair price-performance ratio for all treatments. Compared to other studios in your area, our massages and wellness treatments are up to 30 percent cheaper. So don’t wait any longer and benefit from all the advantages that Soulhouse offers you today.